Paints, Kits, and Gift Certificates

Student Paint Sets
Ten 4 oz. bottles of eight colors of Transparent water-based paints (Orange, Warm Blue, Cool Blue, Violet, Cool Red, Black, Green, and Yellow) plus Gold and Pearl used in Mickey's classes; PLUS the wonderful twist-top bottles that allow for accurate mixing and pouring. These paints have been properly mixed with water, and are ready to use.
Please note that U.S. Priority Mail Flat rate will be $14.35. Standard post (slower delivery time) can be higher, depending on distance from the East Coast.

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Ref # student_paint_sets      $60.00           Quantity:  

Plastic Bottles
One dozen plastic 4 oz. applicator bottles with twist tops for mixing and applying paint accurately. Priority Mail Flat Rate is $14.35 because of bulk. Standard post (slower delivery time) ranges up to $10.50, depending on distance from the East Coast.
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Ref # bottles      $35.00           Quantity:  

Sample Pack
9" x 11" pieces of 12 different fabrics:

Summer Sky, Stormy Sky, Night Sky, Sunrise, Light Sunset, Dark Sunset, Warm Sunset, Light Monet, Sea, Sand, Earth, Leaves.

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Ref # sample_pack      $35.00 per Pack         Quantity:  

Student Kit for iquilt Class
These are most of the hard-to-find items for my AQS "iquilt" class ( The kit includes 2 yards of excellent white cotton broadcloth prepared for painting, a perfect natural sponge for skies, 4 natural bristle brushes, 2 sponge brushes, and 10 non-toxic waterbase paints in all the colors needed for the class, delivered to you in the perfect bottles for adding just a drop of this or that! These paints have been properly mixed with water, and are ready to use.
USPS Priority Flat-Rate shipping (recommended) is $14.35 within the U.S.
Shipping to countries outside the U.S. is $58. and up, depending on distance. (Canada and Mexico are a bit less.)
Feel free to inquire by email to

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Ref # student_kit      $98.50           Quantity:  

Gift Certificate
A most appreciated gift for today’s quiltmaker!

TO PURCHASE a SKYDYES GIFT CERTIFICATE, simply choose a denomination and follow the normal on-line ordering procedure. If you wish us to send the SKYDYES GIFT CERTIFICATE directly to the recipient, in the area marked “ship to”, please fill in the address of the recipient. Then go down to “comments/special instructions” and write the name of the recipient and any message you wish to include.

B. If you wish us to send the SKYDYES GIFT CERTIFICATE to you, simply fill in the order spaces as usual. We will then send you a blank gift certificate in the desired denomination.

Disregard "Estimated Shipping Amount". NO SHIPPING WILL BE CHARGED for sending the certificate.

TO REDEEM a SKYDYES GIFT CERTIFICATE, the recipient may order through our website by using the standard ordering procedures and stating the gift certificate I.D. number in the area marked “comments/special instructions.” The $ amount of the gift certificate will then be deducted from the total order plus shipping. If the total order plus shipping is less/more than the $ amount of the gift certificate, the difference will be credited/charged to the recipient’s charge card # on the order.

Of course, SKYDYES GIFT CERTIFICATES are always honored at our booth during the quilt shows we attend.

A copy of the above (TO REDEEM...) will be included with each gift certificate.
Ref # gift_cert           
25.00 Gift Certificate each $25.00
40.00 Gift Certificate each $40.00
55.00 Gift Certificate each $55.00
75.00 Gift Certificate each $75.00
100.00 Gift Certificate each $100.00
150.00 Gift Certificate each $150.00
200.00 Gift Certificate each $200.00
250.00 Gift Certificate each $250.00
300.00 Gift Certificate each $300.00
400.00 Gift Certificate each $400.00
500.00 Gift Certificate each $500.00


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